Estate Planning is the process of drafting documents in which you set forth your wishes for managing your assets during your life if you become incapacitated and for how your assets will be distributed at your death. At Hutchison Law Firm, LLC we work with you to utilize strategies such as tax planning and methods of minimizing administrative costs of your estate in order to ensure that your wishes are carried out to the fullest extent possible and that your assets are protected.

In the legal documents we draft you will designate individuals you would like to have named as guardian for minor children, as trustee to manage assets for children or grandchildren, and who you would want to take over management of your assets if you become infirm or incompetent. Your estate plan should also include directions concerning how decisions about your health care are to be made in the event you become unable to communicate health care decisions yourself.

It is very difficult to effectively plan an estate if you do not have a legal and tax background. We will work together with you (and often with your financial planner) to create a complete picture of your goals and then utilize the best strategies to meet those goals.

Thinking about death, accident or illness is not pleasant. However, if something does happen it becomes a very difficult time for family members to have to try to figure out what you would want to have done with your financial matters and how your minor children or other family members should be cared for. Planning ahead and having information and instructions readily available for your trusted friends or family members who will handle your affairs in the event of an emergency saves money for your family and it reduces stress on those who have to step in and handle matters.

Estate Planning is easy to put off doing. We offer a free initial consultation – call today to make an appointment. Your family will thank you for it!

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