Every adult (including those kids in college) should have a Medical Power of Attorney. Most people believe that they would have the authority to speak for their spouses, partners and children if a health emergency left their loved one unable to make or communicate their own decisions. Legally this is not true. You are not able to speak for anyone who is eighteen or older unless they have named you in writing as their agent or unless a court has named you to be their guardian.

This step in your planning is more important that having a Will or Trust. You do not want your family members to have to go to court in order to be able to take care of you. Most states have a statutory form you can use to name a health care agent or proxy, but your estate planning attorney may recommend a more comprehensive version to give more detail.

Two more documents are important in your planning regarding your health care. A Living Will provides direction to your physicians and a HIPAA release lists who may have information about your health status.

Contact Hutchison Law Firm to make an appointment to have Medical Powers of Attorney prepared for you and your family members.

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