Welcome to Hutchison Law Firm, LLC. We represent clients in estate planning, probate, real estate and general business matters. Our goal is to help you protect your hard earned assets by assisting you in organizing your business and personal matters so that wealth isn’t wasted administering your affairs when something happens to you. We will also be here to help your loved ones when you cannot be. We are a friendly, caring law firm and sincere in our commitment to our clients.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of drafting documents in which you set forth you wishes for managing your assets during your life if you become incapacitated and for how your assets will be distributed at your death. The goal is to make it simple for your heirs to administer

Wills and Trusts

We draft Wills and Trusts and include provisions in each which enable you to save taxes, minimize administrative costs, and preserve your assets.

Administration of Trusts After Death of Grantor

What happens after death if you have a Revocable Trust? Your successor Trustee will administer your Trust without having to go through the Probate process. We are here to assist successor trustees of revocable living trusts with understanding and fulfilling their duties as successor trustee.


Probate is the process one follows to administer a Will. We are here to assist you with the probate of an estate, collecting and distributing an estate by use of the procedures available for small estates, with recording documents necessary to reflect the termination of a joint tenancy and other matters which must be attended to after a loved one dies.

Real Estate

Contracts (Negotiating and Drafting)

Do not sign a document you do not fully understand! We review contracts of all kinds for people – leases, service contracts, real estate purchase contracts are a few examples.

Business and Entity Formation

Protect your assets through use of an LLC or corporation.